Our vision?
We are a team of past students from Montreal Canada, who now aim to help others succeed though our educational experiences. We aim to cater through the application process of attending a Canadian Education facility, obtaining a Study Permit (federal and provincial), providing financial understanding, and help in adjusting to a Canadian society. In short, we help eliminate the stress and time that is involved with studying abroad in Canada; by providing clear information, transparent service and guidance. Our focus will always reside with the needs and desires of the students, who wish to pursue their futures in a Canadian Educational institution.

Who are we?
We are a team of past students from Montreal Canada, who now aim to help others succeed through our experiences. Our focus will always reside on the students’ desires to be able to study in a Canadian Educational Institution, and we will cater through the application process, government approval (federal and provincial), financial understanding, and adjustment to a Canadian society. In short, we understand that studying abroad is much more than education. It includes a multitude of other factors which we aim to help our students overcome and succeed without hassle.

Tuition fees:
The federal government requires evidence that an individual can support oneself and as such are required to have additional funds (in addition to tuition and housing) of CAD $10,000 Plus (or CAD$11,000 Plus for Quebec) on annual basis. The proof of these funds along with your tuition fee must be held within your personal bank account for an approximate duration from 3 to 6 months.

Living Cost Details:
The additional requirement is for the individual to maintain a person’s average spending costs for necessities, which include: food, groceries, lodging (rent), public transportation (bus, metro/underground/subway, train etc.), medical expenses and other basic essentials. These costs of services and products can vary depending on location (province, city, and borough) and season (winter to summer).

The average costs an Individual would endure for services and goods:

Monthly Groceries $250 to $450
Rent/Lodging (1-bedroom Unit) $450 to $600
Utilities and Living Essentials
(Electricity, Heating, Laundry, and Internet)
$250 to $350
Public Transportation (Bus, Metro/Subway) $50 to $145
Hygiene and Personal Care $30 to $100
Cell phone/Mobile Service $50 to $80
Other Services/Products Average Price
Movies $10 to $20
Restaurant Meal $20 to $40
Fast Food Meal $8 to $13
Taxi/ Uber Fare $15 to $25
Winter Jacket $100 to $300
Winter Boots $80 to $150
Winter Accessories (Toque, Gloves, Scarves) $50 to $130

Who can Work:
Can international students work?

Yes, you are eligible to work in Canada, while you are doing your Graduation. While you have your Study permit you may qualify to work in on campus.

And for the off-campus, it’s may need some certain criteria for that.

More details:

What other services do we provide to our students?
We also network routinely with other organisations which help accommodate International students who wish to study in Canada, organisations such as: admissions offices of Educational institutions, local rental boards, student employment organisations, student housing, Guideline for the transportation, recreational services etc.