Our Team

Our Team

We are a team of past students from Montreal, Canada, who now aim to help others succeed through our experiences. Our focus will always reside on the students’ desires to be able to study in a Canadian Educational Institution, and we will cater through the application process, government approval (federal and provincial), financial understanding, and adjustment to a Canadian society. In short, we understand that studying abroad is much more than education, it includes a multitude of other factors which we aim to help our students overcome and succeed without hassle.

Ripon (Founder and Executive Adviser):

I first came to Canada in 2005, on an international student status from Bangladesh, to study at Concordia University in Montreal. For several years I have been assisting students towards the application and their acceptance towards Canadian universities, helping with Canadian VISA application and various other activities to help Bangladeshi students adjust in Canada, during their academic pursuit. From my time with helping international students, I have also been able to establish and create relationships with several Educational institutions in Canada. From which I have been granted the role of an official consultant with several institutions, this has granted a direct communication link with numerous admissions departments, and gives the benefit of evaluating the overall requirements needed for an international student to be admitted into their desired programs and educational institutions. My current focus is to strengthen this network I have created and help prospective students from Bangladesh in achieving their academic goals in Canada.

Tanbir (Team Adviser):

I’m a Montreal native with ethnic ties to Bangladesh, I am currently working in the Canadian financial industry and looking to broaden my horizons to other opportunities. From my experience working in the financial sectors, I have gained great insight to understanding the costs of living in Canada, understanding and developing strategies in coping and limiting those costs. I now wish to use my knowledge and experience I have obtained, to help international Bangladeshi students succeed and simultaneously develop a stronger bond with my ethnic and cultural ties.

(Marketing Adviser):

My current ambition is to enrich the Bangladeshi community in Canada along with my friends, by helping prospective students from Bangladesh to obtain their acceptance at Canadian universities. I strongly adhere to the principle of helping others, as the path to personal success begins by helping others succeed.

Professor Jay Mannadiar (Managing Adviser):

Professor Jay Mannadiar has been teaching business courses at Concordia and McGill University for nearly 3 decades. He has educated and motivated thousands of people worldwide, from business executives to university students.

Professor Mannadiar’s knowledge and experience in accounting, finance and economics and his passion for teaching enable him to help his students get quick and efficient results. His focus on helping his students to succeed in the real world has earned him the coveted Teacher of the Year Award from the Concordia University Graduate Diploma Program and the Distinguished Teaching Award from the Concordia University Business Faculty.

With his vast knowledge and expertise, he can guide prospective students from Bangladesh to obtain their acceptance at Canadian universities and achieve the success they desire.