Our Services


  • Our organization aims to help Bangladeshi students, who wish to pursue their academic futures in Canada.
  • We provide guidance, strategies and general advice that aid students succeed in their desired program.
  • We provide assistance in 2 parts: in the first stage, we help students acquire their acceptance through their desired program and institution and in the second stage, we help students acquiring their Canadian study permit.
  • Helping students understand the costs of tuition, lodging, transport, food, and other essentials.
  • Helping students in their application process at the collegial, undergrad, and graduate level.
  • Our help will always be honest, helpful, stress-free, transparent (full disclosure) and confidential.
  • We also network routinely with other organisations which help accommodate International students who wish to study in Canada, organisations such as, admissions offices of Educational institutions, local rental boards, student employment organisations, student housing, recreational services etc.