Why Canada?

Canada is the home to a number of internationally recognised Universities and Colleges, which are well reputed in the fields of innovation and research. Furthermore, a Canadian Education can fundamentally be a foundation in establishing one’s career and professional aspirations. Furthermore, Canadian Educational Institutions continue to meet and surpass benchmarks with other well reputable nations such as United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.

What sets Canada apart is its tuition costs for international students; when compared to similar Educational institutions in other countries. As Canada provides an Education, which meets international standards with, a tuition costs that economically feasible, it is no surprise that Canada is currently the nation with the highest percentage of university graduates in the world. Another important notion is that the Canadian government currently consents and encourages international students to acquire a work permit during their student status, which helps lighten the burden of education even further and provides essential work experience.

Canada, in general, has an open perception to newcomers, and through a student status, one can accomplish to obtain a permanent residency status quiet seamlessly, and eventually leading to Canadian citizenship. Combined with other factors such as low crime rate, multicultural cities, high employment rate, stable economy, a strong desire immigration, low birth rate and breath-taking natural landscapes; studying in Canada grants much more than an Education but rather pathway into a thriving future.